Our Feeding Philosophy

Feeding is one of the most intimate and personal choices you make as a parent, but frankly, isn’t always a choice.

At ByHeart, we believe in feeding freedom: supporting parents with rich information, free expert consultation, and a growing range of products that offer each family the ability to make a decision that’s right for their personal circumstances, whether that be exclusive breastfeeding, formula feeding, or something in between. We won’t ever tell you how to feed, and are here to help support you no matter your choice.

We want to support mothers to successfully breastfeed whenever they wish. We partner with breastfeeding-focused brands and experts, including lactation specialists, MDs, and PhDs across our community platforms to provide information, tips, events, and content that can help with breastfeeding’s unique challenges – and celebrate its (major!) wins.

 While we believe that breast milk is nature’s gold standard, we also know that breastfeeding doesn’t work for all parents—or at least, not all the time. That’s why we designed our formula to strive towards breast milk’s benefits wherever possible, and even added a breast milk reference arm to our clinical trial to ensure parents who can’t breastfeed—for whatever reason—have a feeding choice they’re proud of.

 All parents deserve the resources, information, and products to inform the many routes to a well-fed baby. And ByHeart is dedicated to that support – universally. That’s the ByHeart Feeding Philosophy.