Our Clinical Trial

Did you know...

We are the first new infant formula brand to rewrite the recipe from scratch in decades, and even ran our own clinical trial to prove key benefits to baby.

When we started working on the ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula, we didn’t just reference other people’s research or stale data. We ran a multisite, 311-baby clinical trial that compared our formula to another formula, but also to a breast milk-fed reference group of babies – because breast milk is our blueprint.

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This trial proved our infant formula is clinically proven for easy digestion with all-in-one benefits AND certified cleanest ingredients.*

You don’t have to choose one benefit over another. You don’t have to sacrifice on purity when it comes to baby’s first food.

*Based on Clean Label Project, Purity Award certification.

You can have it all, with (the only) infant formula in the US to…

We Let Our Data Do The Talking

Ask Your Expert

We’re proud of what we’ve made and think your trusted medical professional will love it too, so we created a guide that shows them exactly what’s in our formula, and what it does (in their own medical speak), so they can best guide you and baby to better days (and nights!).

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