Whole Nutrition Infant Formula

Free Shipping • 680g | 24oz | $1.75/oz | 40-44 x 4 fl oz bottles

The only American-made* infant formula to use organic, grass-fed whole milk—without a drop of skim.


*Based on Clean Label Project, Purity Award certification
Delivered every 28 days
Every American-made* infant formula contains skim milk…except one.

We're proud to be considered outliers in a sea of sameness as the only infant formula that uses organic, grass-fed whole milk.

*With globally-sourced ingredients

Whole milk. Lots of love.

Do you know what your baby’s brain loves? Fats! Like those found in whole milk.

• It’s full of delicious healthy fats (so you need less oil to make up the fat difference than when using skim milk).

• It has naturally-occurring MFGM which is important for baby’s brain development and growth.

• It contains more easy-to-absorb fatty acids (compared to vegetable oils!) which helps keep baby’s poops softer.

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Never just good enough Never the same old Never compromising on ingredients or standards Never white labeled Never made with skim milk
Would you want an infant formula with ingredients from 1915?

Back then, infant formula was made with skim milk and called "synthetic milk adapted" (just rolls off the tongue, huh?). The world has changed a ton in the last 110 years, but over 90% of infant formula in the US is still made with skim milk—even in 2024, when the global consensus is how essential healthy fats are for a baby's brain development and growth.

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