Our Founders' Commitment

May 16, 2022

Dear ByHeart Family,

When your baby started drinking our infant formula, you became the heart of our company. Over the last 5 years, we worked tirelessly to create a groundbreaking new formula of the highest quality and cleanest ingredients, so you can feel confident about how you feed your baby. 

At this moment, when parents across the country are more stressed than ever about finding sole source nutrition for their babies, we want to show up for you as we always have: with utmost transparency and partnership.

Just months into our launch, we are supporting thousands of ByHeart babies. We’ve seen the rate of new customers spike to nearly 15x our yearly projections. And during this unprecedented time, dynamics are
changing hour to hour: we’ve taken on three months’ worth of new ByHeart babies in just the last week alone.

We must continue to be a partner always – to every parent – but especially to every ByHeart parent.

To that end, we are temporarily pausing taking orders from new families while we re-evaluate the
pace at which we can accept new customers. This is a tough but responsible decision, because our commitment must be to ensure that every current ByHeart customer – whether you’ve only purchased one can or more – has enough formula for their baby's entire feeding journey, and can continue feeding without disruption.

As the first new infant formula manufacturer to be registered with FDA in over 15 years, we feel an immense responsibility to be part of a sustainable solution to this national crisis. We are throwing EVERYTHING we have at this and taking clear and immediate actions, and therefore expect that we will resume taking new customers in the near future:

• The ByHeart manufacturing facility was already working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, but we are moving to a 24/7 schedule – around the clock.

• We are hiring relentlessly – adding a whole new shift at the facility

• We have newly committed to more than a $30M investment in manufacturing capabilities to continue to scale volume of formula

• We are adding new team members to our “Sleepless Squad” customer service team to support parents during this time

• Finally, and importantly, we are rallying every kind of stakeholder and we cannot do this alone. We are working with industry, state & federal officials, and regulatory bodies to seek immediate relief and increased production of formula.

We are the only new infant formula brand to build from the ground up: to rewrite the recipe from scratch, to own our own manufacturing, to directly oversee every supplier relationship and every ingredient. We built the hard way, because we feel tremendous responsibility to ensure that this industry changes. The parents in this country need more than three big infant formula companies controlling approximately 90% of the market. Never again should we have to wonder how to find food for our babies.

My daughter Simone is 10 months old and a ByHeart baby. My co-founder Ron is expecting his second baby next month. We know the pain and anxiety of this moment. Please reach out to us for anything you need, and please know we are here for you, and with you, now – and for a better feeding future.

Mia (& Ron) and the ByHeart Team