Our Founders' Commitment

July 11, 2022

Dear ByHeart Family,

ByHeart parents are at the heart of everything we do and everything we are -- which is why our direct relationship with you is so important to us and something we will always protect and prioritize. We exist to support you with peace of mind that once you buy a single can from us, we will support you throughout your baby’s feeding journey, without disruption.

With that in mind, we are overjoyed to announce that – starting next week! – we will begin to open up to new customers again.

Due to overwhelming demand, we will open our waitlist in order of signup, moving through the list to provide formula to new families as quickly as possible.

New customers will be contacted via their waitlist email as they become eligible for purchase, and (as always!) our Sleepless Squad service team will be waiting on-hand for anything you need.

As the first new infant formula manufacturer to be registered with FDA in over 15 years, we have spent the last two months working to produce more of our next generation, easy-to-digest formula for your babies, and to take clear and immediate actions to be part of a sustainable solution to the national infant formula crisis.

First, we committed to an over $30M investment in manufacturing capabilities to continue to scale volume of formula, and – together with a $10M grant we received from the state of Pennsylvania (where our manufacturing facility is based) – our combined investments and actions (below) will be able to feed 500,000 more babies within two years’ time (and half of that in the next six months alone).

We have also:

- Starting moving to a 24/7 schedule at our facility – working around the clock to produce more of our groundbreaking formula.

- Hired relentlessly – to add a whole new shift at the facility and new team members to our “Sleepless Squad” customer service team

- Rallied every kind of stakeholder – industry, state & federal officials, regulatory bodies, and other brands that seek to support parents through these challenges – to identify opportunities for immediate relief and increased production of formula,

- And finally, submitted two new facilities for registration with the FDA in order to expand our manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities to feed more babies our groundbreaking formula, and get you formula…faster!

We will get through this together, and we are dedicated to supporting you however we can. We are here for you, and with you, now – and for a better feeding future.

Mia (& Ron) and the ByHeart Team