Thoughtfully Crafted from Farm to Formula

Infant formula needed an overhaul, so we acquired our own facility, built ingredient partnerships directly from all over the world, and created our infant formula recipe entirely from scratch.

We incorporated modern innovations in breast milk research and nutrition science to bring your baby not only highly functional ingredients, but also the cleanest ones available (Clean Label Project-certified!). The result? A standard for quality traceable all the way…from farm to formula.

Farm to Formula Verified
Non-GMO QAI Certified
Made with Organic, Grass-Fed Whole Milk
Kosher & Gluten-Free
FDA Registered
Clean Label Project-Certified

The First “New” Recipe

When we had babies, our hunt for a great formula revealed some shocking things: the infant formula recipe hadn't been rewritten in decades, and needed an update. So we rewrote it from scratch.

  • We spent five years developing the best possible first formula for baby with the world’s leading experts to incorporate new breast milk research and innovation.
  • We tested this new recipe in the largest clinical trial from a new infant formula brand in 25 years.
  • To craft a truly better recipe, we pushed to make whole milk and alpha-lactalbumin (one of the two most abundant proteins in breast milk) available for use as ingredients in US infant formula.

Our Supply Standard

Our high sourcing and manufacturing standards allowed us to become the first infant formula in the US to receive Clean Label Project certification, and moreover at the highest level — “The Purity Award.” But as always, we work to go even beyond that standard.

  • The process for clearing each supplier for partnership takes approximately 1,000 hours and involves nearly 110 steps.
  • Our milk is fresh: we work with farms so close to “The ByHeart Kitchen” that it gets from the cows to us in 48 hours or less.
  • 99% of our ingredients are sourced from farmed agriculture (whole foods!) and the remaining 1% are vitamins and minerals.

The ByHeart Kitchen

We looked everywhere for a facility that met our standards, and realized the best manufacturer we could find was the one we could become. So we acquired and upgraded our state-of-the-art “ByHeart Kitchen” in Reading, Pennsylvania.

  • Our formula is made in a Small Batch Blending process modeled after the best home-cooked meal — small, carefully tended batches in order to keep quality in.
  • Our dedicated blendmasters oversee rigorous quality controls — hundreds of trials, 85,000 data point checks — to ensure every condition is perfect.

A Can For Your Conscience

We strive for the best all the way to your countertop. We created the first all-metal, infinitely recyclable container in infant formula.

  • A cleaner feeding experience with our Scoop Lock technology™.
  • An effortless screw-off canister top to keep your formula fresh.
  • A can you’ll be proud to leave out on your counter, then recycle or reuse.
  • Our Feeding Plan subscription also supports families in need and ensures you always have the exact amount of formula you need, when you need it.

We don’t do it alone. Meet our partners.

For Our Milk

Maple Hill Creamery

ByHeart works with the most established providers of organic, grass-fed milk, because of their dedication to regenerative farming practices and grass-fed grazing.

For Additional Good Fats


This family business is our partner to provide our organic, hexane-free, non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, expeller-pressed plant-based oils, which help provide baby with essential fatty acids that support development.

For Our Protein


Danish company Arla (AKA, the largest global organic dairy co-op!) is our source for alpha-lactalbumin. Alpha-lac is one of the key proteins in breast milk and helps drive easy digestion, and through our partnership with Arla, we've been able to include it in our formula.

Let’s do better for babies (and our planet).

We strive for sustainable policies and systems in our supply chain and manufacturing processes, and want to ensure that ByHeart nutrition supports as many parents as possible. That’s why we focused on the impact ByHeart can drive for families from day one.

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