An Update From Our Founders

January 5, 2023

Dear ByHeart family,

We come to you with big news, and we wanted you to be the first to know: we have just entered into an agreement to acquire our own packaging facility. This means that going forward, we will have full ownership and oversight of our end-to-end manufacturing process.

Since day 1, end-to-end manufacturing ownership has been our goal, and over the past year, we have been tirelessly working towards owning our packaging. Our voluntary recall emphasized the absolute urgency of acquiring this step, and we’re grateful that you leaned in and asked the hard questions during this time. Today we have answers—not all of them, but we’ll share what we have, and update you every step of the way.

What does this mean?

As founders who are also parents, we knew we couldn’t just go back to business as usual. We could not make a business decision to just get back upand running as quickly as possible. Instead, we made the parent decision to wait and put in place what we think is a better long-term solution for your family, and to show up for you in the way you have requested and deserve.

With this acquisition, we now control every step of manufacturing, ensuring not only the highest standards of quality and safety, but also reliability for your family.

The hard part is that creating a pivotal change in this industry takes time – it can’t happen overnight (although we’re working as fast as we can). It took us5 years to launch ByHeart, and it’s going to take us a few months to fully ensure that our new packaging facility is operating at the standard of excellence your family deserves.

How does this impact you?

Right now, this means that we cannot supply you with our infant formula for the next few months. We know how disruptive this is – our babies are ByHeart babies, too – and we know how long many of you have waited for your next order to arrive. We are working diligently to get our newpackaging facility up and running, while continuing around the clock work at our Reading, PA facility. We also provided the FDA a regulatory submission tocomplete the requirements for registering our new packager for the U.S. infant formula market. We're aiming to start shipments in the second quarterof the year.

We put babies at the center of everything we do.

In looking for a new packager to bring in house, we prioritized finding a family-run business that shares our values and dedication to the highest safety and quality standards. We’re so excited to introduce you to this new team soon. In the meantime, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency and parent partnership, and will continue to provide consistent updates.

If you have any questions at all, please visit our FAQs or email us at Also, be on the lookout for our content series featuring experts we know and trust. First up, our very own Dr. Devon (a neonatologistand our Chief Medical Officer!) and The Formula Fairy talking about alternative formula options you can use right now, plus helpful feeding tips, no matter how you do it.

We’re in it with you, and will support you in every way we can.

With love,

Mia & Ron