Meredith Glansberg

Leveraging her unique career spanning brand marketing, innovation, trade marketing, and sales, Meredith is thrilled to join the ByHeart team, where she will be focused on bringing authentic and disruptive products to your store shelves, as well as creating solutions that make shopping easier and better in a rapidly changing world.

Meredith’s experience began in consumer packaged goods at Colgate-Palmolive and Reckitt Benckiser, where she had the opportunity to work on brands of all sizes and stages in the personal care and health spaces. She then transitioned to the startup world with her most recent role as VP of Retail at LOLA, expanding it from a DTC-only brand to one sold in multiple categories across the country. Meredith is a runner, eater, world traveler, and self-professed “cool aunt” to the many beautiful and amazing little ones in her life.

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