Bob Perry

Bob Perry brings his strong background leading FDA regulated industries to create operational excellence at our manufacturing plant.  Bob oversees the manufacturing business unit with a commitment to uncompromising quality, a passion for mentorship, and for developing the next generation of industry leaders.

For nearly thirty years, Bob has held leadership positions in the medical device, food ingredient and infant formula manufacturing industries, most notably at Abbott Labs and DairiConcepts, co-manufacturing infant formula for the top producers in the world. He holds a BSBA in Economics and an MBA-Quality Systems from Xavier University. Bob’s dream day? Spending time on the water with his four grandkids (as you can see in this adorable photo!)  

Grandparent Hack?
“Diversion! When my 3 yr old grandson is being a handful, I start talking about monster trucks, fishing or spontaneously spot Blippi nearby and he forgets what he was upset about.”