ByHeart Referred Customer Offer Terms

Last Update: 11.21.23

Our Referral Program is governed by these program terms (the “Program Terms”), which form a legally binding agreement between you and ByHeart, and which form part of, and are hereby incorporated by reference into, the ByHeart Terms of Service. Capitalized terms not defined herein, have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Service.

By participating in our Referral Program, you indicate your assent to be bound by these Program Terms. If you do not agree to these Program Terms, you are not eligible to participate in our Program.

  1. Eligibility. ByHeart allows existing customers (“Existing Customers”) who hold an active ByHeart account to refer new customers who have not made a purchase and do not have an existing ByHeart account (“Referred Customers”) to ByHeart (collectively, the “Program”).
  2. Rewards and Referral Process. Under the Program, Users are eligible to refer Referred Customers when: (i) the Existing Customer shares with a Referred Customer a unique referral code and/or URL (collectively, the “Referral Link”) which the Existing Customer can access via the email he or she receives from ByHeart and (ii) the Referred Customer uses the Referral Link when effectuating a purchase on ByHeart’s website. By making a purchase using the Referral Link, the Referred Customer will receive one (1) free can of ByHeart formula. For every five (5) Referred Customers who make a purchase on ByHeart’s website before December 31, 2023, the Existing Customer will receive an account credit for one (1) free can of ByHeart formula (a value of $39) on the Existing Customer’s next subscription order.
  3. Other Terms. The expiration date for Referred Customers to use the Referral Link is December 31, 2023. The Referral Link must be used at the time of purchase. ByHeart cannot honor the credit after the time of purchase. The Referral Link is for Existing Customer’s to share with their friends and family only and must not be distributed or sold for any commercial purposes or otherwise publicized for use by the general public or on site where Existing Customer is not the primary owner and operator. ByHeart reserves the right to refuse to honor Referral Links and/or terminate Existing Customer’s eligibility for this Program if ByHeart suspects abuse (such as posting the Referral Link to deal or coupon aggregator sites, review sites or videos, etc.). ByHeart reserves the right to modify, change, update, terminate or restrict the applicability of this Program at any time in its sole discretion and without further notice. If the Existing Customer’s account terminates for any reason or is suspended, the Referral Link will automatically expire. ByHeart reserves all of its rights under the ByHeart Terms of Service and all other applicable ByHeart policies. Referral Links are non-transferable, have no cash value, and are void where prohibited.